Sunday, February 8, 2009

Welcome to my laudry room

Well I'm calling it: my laundry room is finally DONE! This is the before look: plain and empty, with no storage equipement.


My goals were to organize some storage solutions, hide the ugly water heater and electric box and change the light fixture. I started by installing a towel rack and a wire basket to dry dish clothes and hold Ziplocs, cling film and foil paper. I also put some hooks to hold bags and my grocery cart. The litter box is also hidden behind the door.

Drying station and a wire basket for the Ziploc bags and cling film

Bag and basket station on hooks behind the door

Litter box and extra drinks are stashed behind the door

Next to the water heater, there was just enough room to fit an old Ikea cart. It now holds cleaning products and cat food. On top of the water heater, I installed two Ikea shelves to hold bottles and paper stuff like tissues and paper towels.

Cleaning products and cat food are hidden behind the curtain

Behind the curtain: water heater and shelves to stack drinks and the Braun kitchen robot

Behind the pillar, I keep the ironing board as well as grocery bags that I use to take the recycling downstairs to the building's bin. The space between the wall and the dryer was just wide enough for me to install a few hooks to hold the broom and mop, as well as hide a few folding chairs that I use when company comes over.

Extra bags and the ironing board are hidden behind and around the pillar

Brooms and extra chairs are hidden next to the dryer

Stackable Duet washer and dryer, topped by the air purifier

The electric box is covered with magnets that hold souvenirs from my last trip. On the door, I installed a vintage ACME sign that I painted red.

The electric box is next to the alarm box.

On the door, a vintage Acme sign that I painted red

Finally, I made (by hand) a curtain using fabric from ReproDepot, and had a nice print framed to add a pop of colour. The last touch was the fixture from Hip Haven. I like that the light is soft and highlights the fabric and print.

The new light is from the good people at Hip haven

And voilà! A laundry room nice enough to have guests sleep in it. Well, almost.

The laundry room as viewed from the dinning room

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