Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Inspired friends

The Mansion

Last year, my friends MC and Franky Gun left their Montreal life behind to rediscover the joys of living in a small town - and owning a big house! With one kid on the way and rooms aplenty for many more, the couple has started to make this huge three-story cottage (that they lovingly call "the mansion") their own, room by room. I went for a vist last week-end for a big Halloween bash and I was charmed by the old wooden floors and by the huge garden, but even more by the quirky decor and stylish revamps.

A few favorites:

Vintage chinese checkers board as wall art

Awesome lamp
Industrial light over the funky dinning room table with victorian chairs

delicious donuts! delicious donuts!
Vintage tin sign held up by a corn pick - aww!

The perfect bar!
Reclaimed cabinet as bar

Like this house? Want to practice your French? Then head out to Blanc Mansion, MC and Franky Gun's blog.

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