Monday, November 24, 2008

A swell time

The table is getting full

Last Saturday, I had abour 40 friends over for a fab shindig with a fifties mid-century cuisine theme. What a riot! Pat lend me some of his vintage dishes to add to my own and I bought a few more on eBay. I set up my Crosley turntable to play my old Hammond organ records and I invited the guests to participate by bringing a dish and wearing clothing that hinted to a fifties or ealry sixties style. Here are a few of the dishes my friends came up with and that made the night one for the books:

Cindy and Max's Flaming Cabbage Weiner roast. The fire comes from a fondue heater. They brought three, so it burned all night long.


Jessica's Mac & Cheese with snack cake "to go" packs. I had some leftovers (she made so many!) so I freezed the KD and will use it to make fried mac & cheese like I had at TGI Friday's in Chicago last summer..

Jassica's amazing "mac & cheese and dessert" cups

Geneviève's savory "surprise bread", a layered miracle filled with hame, eggs and covered with cream cheese.


Julie and Christian's Rainbow Deviled Eggs, a fantasia of flavors!

Christian and julie's rainbow eggs

Click on one of the pics above to see the full set!

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