Saturday, November 8, 2008

What to do with pomegranate?

Every week, my friendly online grocer gives out free items for every 50 bucks spent. So today, I found two free bags of pomegranate with my order. They're so red! So pretty! But what to do with them?

Free stuff from the grocer

I don't really like them in fruit salads, but they tempt me in savory dishes. I remember Nigella once making a gorgeous yogourt sauce with mint, honey and the red seeds of the fruit. She drizzled it on grilled lamb chops and it looked delicious. That sounds good. Or maybe I could make my own pomegranate molasses? Hum...

It's not often that I am stumped by an ingredient. So for now, I guess I'll just use the pomegranates as fruity décor.

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Psycho Pat said...

Pomegranate is great fresh as a snack. Just cut it like an apple and eat the red "pits" whole. I had some last week and it was great! Just don't wipe your hands on your white shirt afterwards.