Monday, December 29, 2008

take a bow

One tradition at my dad's AND at my mom's is to stick as much ribbons and bows on and around our heads as we open presents. Wheeee!

Holiday bow

This year, I had a lot of reasons to stick a bow on my head as I was spoiled rotten. ROTTEN!

I got a few lovely cards with some money inside (Thanks Dad, step-mom and grandma!)
Gifts from dad, step-mom and grandma: money!

Dad also gave me an OXO Good Grip garlic press and a Nano
Gift from dad

Jérémy and Jessica gave me this awesome framed iron-on transfer. It's vintage and I want to marry it.
Jérémy and Jess gave me this awesome vintage iron-on transfer

Andréanne from work gave me this ridiculously cool old record:
Gift from Andréanne!

My mom gave me a super deluxe fitted sheet, a Koziol tape dispenser, a T-Fal non-stick frying pan, fancy chocolate bar and lavender hand wash. Bro gave me a kickass book about modern movie posters and step-mom gave me the OXO Good Grips spoon set.
Sheets, chocolate and tape dispenser from mom, spoons from step-mom
Frying pan from mom, garlic press from dad and movie poster book from bro

Audrey brought me back some delicious looking vinegars from Germany and mom had some stamps made WITH A PICTURE OF ME AT THE FARNSWORTH HOUSE!!! Sorry for yelling, but she is deviously cool, that mom of mine.
German vinegars from Audrey and stamps from my mom. The stamps have a picture of me on them!

Audrey also gave me cookies, hot chocolate mix and limoncello - ALL homemade. Yum.
Homemade cookies, hot chocolate mix and limoncello from Audrey

And I rescued this creature from atop the Christmas bûche
Cute "snow" icing on the hooves!

But the biggest gifts of all were :

Spending one more Christmas with my grandmother...
Grandma will turn 90 in May!

Watching my dad smile as he opened his gifts...
It a DVD!

Drinking expensive French champagne in kookoo cheap souvenir glasses (Hey, look at that, they are making more for 2010)
Drinking Moet & Chandon in Petro-Canada Olympic flutes... LOL!

Cooking Au pied de cochon ragoût with mom
Mom checks the sauce
Le Pied de Cochon Ragoût de boulettes from Martin Picard's book

And watching a new generation enjoy the simple pleasures that being with family brings.
Uncle Gilles and second cousin Vicky

What did you enjoy the most this Christmas?

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